A Creative-Led Marketer, Screenwriter and Digital Native.

Looking to influence change at a company on a macro level to make an impact.
In a digital world.

This is me

My only goal is to express myself, clearly and authentically in an area I am passionate about. The true expression of myself results in propelling business through creative and process oriented ideas. I have worked in numerous industries and bring a unique set of incredibly diverse skills in strategy development, paid media, marketing, and many other things in between. 

Content Strategy  ScreenWriting  Paid Search   Account Management   Facebook Advertising

Product Marketing    Everything  Creative Initiatives

Case Study

Problem: As a B2B SaaS company, my former employer, MediaSilo, was challenged with reaching and connecting with niche top-level decision-makers in the technical operations sectors of large Media and Entertainment companies. Often an effort of futilty in cold calling or email, we were left with few options to dig a relationship well with the folks who were key in deciding which enterprise secure video sharing platform they would use. 

Solution: TechHops was born to connect thought-leaders in the niche area of Technical Operations with their peers and with us. My role specifically was to coordinate branding (original logomarks, pictoral marks, vibe, etc) and outbound marketing efforts to drive awareness and engagement with existing cold contacts. We developed a microsite, technical operation leader bios, partner communication with sponsors from AMC Networks and Technicolor and swag for onsite distribution. 

Result: More than 500 outbound reachouts to leaders in technical operations, director level and above. Over 50 registrations and 40 final attendees, positive event score ratings (4.7 out of 5 scale) and increased engagement with key target audience.

Companies I've worked for and with

Below are companies I've worked for as an employee or with through various engagements on behalf of my employee

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