Shannon Hawkins is a Boston native who hates it there but will fight you for saying the same thing. She's a television writer / creative specializing in comedy and dramadies that hit you in the gut when you least suspect. She's also a career long marketer who has worked in a multitude of function-- ranging from paid media to account management to product.

[insert something about her parents that has caused her an immense amount of trauma but is somehow the root of what makes her great at thinking creatively and storytelling]

She's been given the validation she craves from creators and showrunners working at Netflix & Hulu, and Austin Film Festival.

She's currently seeking representation and a creative position on current upcoming half-hour and hour long productions. She is also open to marketing roles with creative, forward thinking companies.

  • Developed and Produced web series “Black in Boston”, and “Feel Bad For Me” Season 1

  • Freelance broadcast studio production Assistant for local public access network (BNN)

  • Film and edit varietal content for Youtube under lifestyle and style umbrella

  • Utilize and optimize social and paid media advertising leading to incremental YoY

    subscriber growth

  • Second Assistant Director on feature film “Primrose” - Official Selection at multiple Film Festivals (cast management, shot list management, casting support, craft services)

Misc. Nuggets of Experiences


email (don't spam me): Shannonahawkins1@gmail.com 

Based in

Boston/Los Angeles