Honey Trap

 After seeing her boss's "male chicken", a live in Nanny realizes she's been wasting her formative years with her wacky host family and plans her escape but the escape comes with ridiculous consequences.

"Fucked up in the best way" - Netflix Co-Executive Producer

genre: Half-Hour Comedy

Last Night's Over

When an emotionally closed-off woman has a one-night stand she's faced with a life-altering dilemma that sometimes comes with having sex with strangers.


"The dialogue and jokes in the pilot crackle, and they definitely set it apart from being the typical whodunit" 

 - Blcklst reader

7/10 on BLACKLIST website, 2020 Final Draft Big Break QFs

genre: Half-Hour Dramady/Thriller


A woman who loses everything due to her bad behavior, gets a second chance to prevent her descent into full-on asshole by going back in time to the place her bitchification began-- High School 

Image by Houcine Ncib
genre; Hour Dramady

Search Party (Spec)

Dory's on a quest to prove she's a good person, despite all evidence suggesting otherwise

Austin Film Festival Quarterfinalist 2019

genre; Half-Hour Dramady

End of Horizon

A suicidal nurse moments from taking his life, is forced to confront an alien invasion and choose between ending it all and saving the lives of those around him

Image by Rui  Silvestre
genre; Sc-Fi Feature


When a woman crashing at her coworkers place, is forced to find an apartment, she ends up living with her complete opposite, a southern belle with an NRA membership. But she soon learns they have something in

common--her ex-fiance.

Image by Thought Catalog
genre; Webseries, Short Form

Growth Stage

After a start-up founder is forced out of her own company by her former best friends, she seeks vindication and social fame through a burnbook-esque tell all---Silicon Valley style. But the trade off may cost her all of her remaining allies.

Image by Cortney White
genre; Half-Hour Dramady